Pump & Water Services

Whether you need water well drilling services, water conditioning, well pumps or septic installation or restoration, Simmons Water Well Company has you covered.

Drain Cleaning - Hydro Jetting
Hydro Jetting

Do you suffer from slow drains? Does your sink smell or make gurgling noises?  Simmons Water Well Co. provides drain cleaning and hydro jetting services.  Call today for drain cleaning service.



Well Pump ServicesPump/Well Service

If you get your water from a well, you will need to have a yearly check of your existing pump system to make sure your home keeps getting what it needs. We use Goulds Water Technology Products.

Pump Systems

Proper design of your water well pumping system is critical to maintaining a consistent flow and pressure of water as well as having a system that will last a long time. We use  Scalewatcher Electronic Water Conditioners.

Water Filtration Systems
Water Filtration

Proper design of your water well pumping system is critical to maintaining a consistent flow and pressure of water as well as having a system that will last a long time. We use Scalewatcher Electronic Water Conditioners.

Well Drilling
Well Drilling

We are determined to meet your water well drilling needs and offer a broad range of services that include water well drilling. Fully insured, NYS licensed and registered water well contractor.

Septic Services
Septic Cleaning

Proper maintenance of your septic system and drains will maximize your system’s life. Good maintenance reduces the risk of contaminating your well water, and may save you from costly repairs or system replacement.  Call us today.

Water Filter Treatment Systems
Water Treatment Systems

Custom built water treatment systems for your water needs. Iron can cause unsightly, rust colored stains in sinks or bathtubs and block water pipes.  At higher levels, an unpleasant, metallic taste may be noticed in drinking water. A treatment system can help eliminate that

Septic Restoration and Root Removal
Septic Cleaning

Common septic system problems are slow draining, odor, or gurgling sounds in the drains. Maintaining your system is vital to its operation. Septic video inspection, root removal, pump outs, septic cleanings, replacements or repairs, Simmons Water Well Company can help prevent septic system problems

Water Filtration
Membrane Filtration

Designed for turbidity and fine sediment filtration applications.  The UF Series membranes provide filtration for clean, clear water at every faucet or point of use.

Technology that is easy to use.  Click here for the Brochure

Constant Water Pressure SystemsConstant Pressure

Goulds Aquavar SOLO 2

The Aquavar SOLO 2 is the answer for constant water presure.  The Solo2 provides reliable consistent water pressure, regardless of water consumption. Turns virtually any conventional system into a premium constant pressure system.

Click here for the Brochure

Well Lever Arm PumpWell Lever Arm Pump

Lever arm hand well pumps have been in use for over 150 years. Reinvented and now so easy use, a child can do it. Delivering up to 5 gallons per minute with normal water pressure. and can be used as a backup to your existing submersible or use as your primary pump. Solar Backup Pumps are also available. Made by SimplePump.

Well Shooting

No Water, Low Water or Low Yield Wells? Occasionally it is desirable to shoot water wells to loosen the producing formation to increase the flow of water. This is a procedure designed to increase the amount of water in existing dry and low yield water wells.